2013 News

Travelling with air pistol and air rifles

Travelling to a competition by air or ferry with an air pistol or air rifle has always presented its own problems. It is suggested that a copy of the invitation to the competition is carried by each person, or, if a group is travelling, by someone appointed to be a spokesperson for the group.

If travelling with a group (even two people can be a group), airline, police or customs officials will usually prefer to talk to one person. A list of the air pistols and air rifles noting make / model / serial numbers is also a good idea, as this can save time in dealing with officials - have several copies available in addition to your own copy.

The invitation to the competition can sometimes be downloaded and printed off the Internet (as can entry lists which may show that you are entered for a competition), or will be available via the WTSF Team Manager, or the person in your Association that dealt with the entry paperwork.

For training events or sessions, paperwork from the training venue, e.g. a copy of the booking or details of the range (telephone numbers, internet addresses, etc.) should suffice in place of a competition invitation.

Posted on: 6th January 2013