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British Shooting World Class Performance Programme

Several Welsh athletes are named in British Shooting's World Class Performance Programme, announced yesterday.

The original press release can be found at World Class Programme announced

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"The World Class Performance Programme was created by UK Sport and is funded by the UK National Lottery. It was put in place to ensure that the UK’s most talented athletes have every chance of realising their potential in major competition.

British Shooting’s performance group uses a set criteria when making athlete selection, using objective evidence and their expert views to compile the group of the top performers in the country.

The athletes named onto the programme are separated into three distinct levels. The top two levels are podium and podium potential.

Podium - supporting athletes with realistic medal winning capabilities at the next Olympic Games (i.e. a maximum of four years away from the podium).

Podium Potential – comprising of athletes whose performances have suggested that they have realistic medal winning capabilities for 2020 and newly funded sports that are demonstrating the ability to be competitive by 2020.


Ed Ling
Elena Allen
Steven Scott

Podium Potential

Aaron Heading
Abbey Ling
Amber Hill
Charlotte Kerwood
Jennifer McIntosh
Michael Gilligan
Rory Warlow
Tim Kneale

After an iconic year in the evolution of British Shooting, 2014’s WCP announcement is bigger and better than ever. As well as announcing the athletes selected for podium and podium potential, we are also able to reveal the 13 faces given a place on the world’s only academy programme.

There are also nine athletes undergoing a rigorous six month confirmation period, after which, they have to gain a permanent spot on the Academy Programme.

GB Academy Programme

Ben Llewellin
Freddie Killander
Jack Wilkinson
James Dedman
Jeremy Bird
Kirsty Barr
Mark Shaw
Matthew Coward-Holley
Max Jeffrey
Nathan Hales
Stanley Baughan
Sarah Gray
Victoria Humphries

Athletes currently undertaking 6 month confirmation period:

Coral Kennerley
Dan Rivers
Gabrielle Buckley
Jack Bale
Ken Parr
Larissa Sykes
Michael Bamsey
Seonaid McIntosh
Victoria Mullin"

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Posted on: 1st November 2014